08 March 2021 – Clorox Wipe by Chromeo

This song is the biggest song writing flex of all time. Writing an EP about Covid seemed like a novelty last year and like a tragic tale of suffering at this point, but to include an absolute gem like Clorox Wipe can only be described as a flex. When this was released, we all hoped the pandemic would be over in a matter of months, so the EP should have had a super limited shelf life. So to take a meme EP and write Clorox Wipe truly demonstrates the ability that Chromeo have to write incredible tunes. A talent so great that they have gems like this to throw away as novelties.

“Now all your countertops I’ll
(Wipe em)
And your groceries I’ll
(Wipe em)
And your doorknobs I’ll
(Wipe em)
And your set of keys I’ll
(Wipe em)”

This call and response between Dave and Pee is among the highlights of their entire catalogue and an incredible earworm.

Listen to Clorox Wipe by Chromeo here.

08 March 2021 – Clorox Wipe by Chromeo

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