07 March 2021 – Marvel’s The Infinity Saga

I recently watched all of the The Infinity Saga (minus the Ed Norton Hulk film which I would think is a debatable inclusion). Here are my thoughts on all the films and a poorly constructed tier list where 5 is the top tier and 1 is the lowest. The films aren’t ordered within tiers.

5Avengers: EndgameSo good. Comedy and action tied together really well. The whole film seemed to play to the cast’s strengths. All the arcs ended nicely and left lots open for the future. Anthony Mackie’s beard at the end is an absolute disaster.
5Spider-Man: Far From HomeGreat fun. Great cast. Really helped escalate the scale of what Spider-Man deals with.
5Thor: RagnarokMy favourite. Great cast. Reinvented Thor to make the best of Chris Hemsworth. Not as much is said about the reinvention of the Hulk but this film does make the Hulk work much better than previous films.
5Black PantherClass. I could write a full essay on it. There are so many cool details to discuss. Probably the film I would recommend to get anyone into superhero films.
5Avengers: Infinity WarVery busy but really good. Probably groundbreaking in terms of the genre and generating emotional response.
4Spider-Man: HomecomingA little underwhelming. Still good and a solid intro to the Spider-Man world.
4Ant-ManPaul Rudd is the Marvel man I would want to be. Very fun film. Michael Douglas is an alien.
4Captain America: The Winter SoldierOne of my favourites from my original viewings.Seems a little wooden having seen what is to come but still a big move in the right direction
4Guardians of the GalaxyA classic. Doesn’t age particularly well. This was the beginning of Chris Pratt’s rise but watching it after his stock has dropped so much is a strange experience
4Marvel’s The AvengersA little bit of quantity over quality but good fun.
3Ant-Man and the WaspGood but forgettable. A little out of place in terms of magnitude.
3Captain MarvelSomething about it is slightly off. There’s actually too much music. I wonder if joining the franchise this late meant that Brie Larsen was supposed to be like some of the existing characters. Mostly good though
3Captain America: Civil WarI felt like this was a plot driver more than an independent film. A bit forgettable other that the introduction of some characters
3Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2Felt a bit like this was trying to recreate the first one without doing anything new. Great opening scene.
3Captain America: The First AvengerMore fun than I remembered. Hydra are mad goofy. I like young Tony Stark. On this watch through, Captain America became one of my favourite characters.
3Iron ManGood. At this point, Tony Stark is very annoying. He wears a lot of flared trousers which is a serious red flag
2Iron Man 2A bit forgettable. Sam Rockwell is a gem as always. Rewatching it, it’s interesting to see all the prep that is going in for later films.
2Avengers: Age of UltronFake former Russian republics are a cringe idea and the fake accents make me sad. Decent villain and in hindsight better than I gave it credit for at the time.
1ThorThe highlight of the film for me is the car dealership that Jane Foster uses as her lab. The lowlight is Chris Hemsworth’s dyed eyebrows.
1Iron Man 3Not great. Pretty forgettable. More flared trousers
1Thor: The Dark WorldI think this is probably the low point of the series. Boring, forgettable

So that’s my list of reviews. I think the full series is pretty solid and you can see from the graph that the standard of films improves over time. That’s the big development of this series. The first films are good films in the superhero genre, but by the end, the output from Marvel is at a whole new level. The best indicator for this to me, is probably comparing Iron Man and Captain Marvel. The public feeling on both films is drastically different but in the rewatch, they’re at a similar level in my opinion. The big difference is what we had come to expect from the series.

All together, this was a really enjoyable film watching project, rewatching a great journey with a great cast and it has reinforced the nostalgia that I will always have for the series.

07 March 2021 – Marvel’s The Infinity Saga

4 thoughts on “07 March 2021 – Marvel’s The Infinity Saga

  1. Robert Downey says:

    I disagree with much of your comments. Robert Downey Jr is an irritant, however flared trousers are ok. Hulk is rubbish. Black Panther is a passé film experience over hyped…I really didn’t get the fanboy fascination. I think you need to redo this project and be more objective.

    1. Hey there, thanks for reading and thanks for your comment.
      I think there’s a larger conversation to be had about Black Panther’s significance as more than a film experience, but, at the end of the day, it’s based on my own views, in the same way as you have your own views on flared trousers.
      Regarding the idea of redoing the project objectively, objectivity has never been the goal with this. This blog is intentionally highly subjective. I’d be very happy to discuss the specifics of where you disagree with my comments on the saga and I really appreciate your feedback.

      1. Robert Downey says:

        I would prefer if your comment had ended with ‘This is an automated message, please do not reply’ as that’s where it felt like it was going and I was disappointed when I was wrong. Marvel was good…is good as a comic for tweens, but on a viewingbox it feels like plastic…infact Thor’s hammer looks like plastic and so does iron man’s suit…we should maybe call him plastic man. Recently I watched DC’s Man of Steel and we’ll…that was surprised how good it was, much darker than Marvel in a good way…although Jor-el’s suit also looked a bit plastic…ok I’m sidetracked, but the point is if you didn’t like Marvel in a fanboy way, and you stood back you might say yes there is substance to slot of the stories but Stan Lee and countless writers and artists did the heavy lifting here, but the actual filmography is maybe a bit pants maybe trying too hard to be a comic book in a real world. I am stopping now as writing this on my phone is exhausting and I need a coffee. Keep up the good work though, your feedback is important to us. This is an automated message, please do not reply.

      2. I’ll try and keep it automated in future. The comparisons here are all relative to the other films in the series so I think that format is probably a bit forgiving to issues that are in every film in the filmography. In terms of the plastic props and costumes, I agree completely, especially in the early Thors and in the standalone Iron Man films.
        I’ve seen Man of Steel but I’ll have to check it out again. There’s probably another blog post there to be done with the DC films.

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