19 August 2021 – Dominos by Northeast Party House

Sometimes it’s tough to come up with an idea for a song of the day. Some weeks I might just listen to one album every day or I might not listen to a lot of music at all. In times like that it can be tough to come up with something that I actually have anything to write about. That’s part of what this blog is really about. It’s all writing practice. I want to be able to write when I normally wouldn’t want to. I’m trying to push past the obstacle of feeling uninspired.

Sometimes I just need a little push from something else. And that can be a little reminder of a song and then I’m off. And then it all manages to work itself out. “Dominos” by Northeast Party House is one of those songs that is a little push for me. I listen to it and I feel so pumped. When I started running last year I used to have to be very careful when it came to music. I would listen to easy going things at the beginning so I wouldn’t run like a maniac and use up all my energy too soon and then “Dominos” towards the end of the run to keep myself going. It’s just that kind of song. It’s super high energy. It’s very danceable. On my spectrum of dances where “Golden Years” by David Bowie was slow wiggler, this is a song for a dance made of low kicks and throwing elbows.

Northeast Party House are an incredibly consistent band. They always come out with exciting tunes. They have a great singer and every song could be a part of a great night out.

You can listen to “Dominos” by Northeast Party House here.

19 August 2021 – Dominos by Northeast Party House

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