27 April 2021 – Gay Bar by Electric Six

The terrifying thing about Electric Six is the thought of what they could have been if they’d used their powers for evil. Gay Bar is a perfect example of the pure song writing ability of the band. The opening surf guitar riff is immediately recognisable and the lyrics are surreal nonsense of the highest order.

I think Gay Bar is probably nostalgic for anyone who was on the internet in the early 2000s. For a lot of people my age, Gay Bar was the ultimate teenage boy song. It’s worth going back and re-examining Electric Six though, particularly the Fire album. It’s a bit like what I wrote in the post about Clorox Wipe by Chromeo. These songs are such a song writing flex. To be able to write incredible tunes while also being goofy bastards is something you can only do as a master of the craft.

Listen to Gay Bar by Electric Six here.

27 April 2021 – Gay Bar by Electric Six

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