23. Dirty Danish Delights: Part One

So much for up before the weekend I suppose.

So for the last couple of years I’ve kinda had a hard on for Scandinavia. Music, TV, women, everything important. So when I went to Denmark last week I had the plan to buy some albums and come back and share them here with all the Brazilians who have been reading my blog this month. I had a short list of artists that I knew pretty well and I picked four albums that I thought seemed worthwhile. One was Alphabeat so we’ll ignore that. That leaves three albums for me to share with yissers.

So for Part One of Dirty Danish Delights I’m gonna go with The Blue Van’s “Man Up”. Wikipedia reliably informs me that The Blue Van are a Danish “blues-rock band”. The album’s from 2008. It’s not ground breaking or avant garde or anything like that but it’s a solid album of pretty solid songs. A bunch of the tracks have been used in ads for shit over the years and that’ll give you the idea. If I was to compare it to another album I think I’d go with Orson’s first one. Kick ass singles and then the rest of the album maintains the vibe without straying from what is probably a “dad rock” sound. I like it though and I’m fairly certain I’m not a dad so don’t worry.

Give the album an auld listen and  I’ll love ya forever xoxox at least listen to the opening four. Well worth it.

The Blue Van – Man Up


23. Dirty Danish Delights: Part One

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