22. File Under “Free Music”- “Joshua’s Demons”

Sorry for the delay since the last post. I started something and then couldn’t finish it. Then I was in Copenhagen for a week with the fam. The plus side is that I’m gonna try boost my out put for the next few weeks to make it up. I’ve got a mini series of posts called “Dirty Danish Delights” coming up which I’ll hopefully get kicked off before the weekend. And today I’m starting off the category I was trying to start before I left.

The original intention of kevinisabastard.com was to find a shit tonne of kick ass free music and show it off. I got pretty sidetracked just writing about stuff I liked or had on the brain. So this is the first of the posts which focus on free above all else. I wanted to open up with something strong, “Joshua’s Demons” By JOSH JAKQ.  Well it’s strong apart from the fact that in some places it’s “Joshua’s Demons” and in others it’s “Joshuas Demon’s”. We’ll forget about that though.

Fucking belter of an album from Oz. Killer voice, sometimes reminds me of the guy from Reef without the attempted Mick Jagger thing going on when he sings big if that makes any sense. Check “Intro” out and you’ll hear it. I was really struck by the whole record originally because the first track I heard was “Freak Some More” which is real funky and chilled in a pop way. The thing is though, the whole album is deeper than that. It’s trippier and more serious. My personal favourite is “See You Later” which is super sexy and laid back with some serious falsetto going on.The album is on Soundcloud as one playlist or ya can download the tracks individually for free free free. The dude is amazing and only has like 800 likes on the auld book of faces and 300 followers on Soundcloud so you get bonus hipster points which means you’re allowed listen to some Alphabeat afterwards. At the very least check out his big hair in the bizarre video for “Freak Some More” and his menacing merchandise.






I wore a shirt for this post but no socks just in case anyone was wondering…

22. File Under “Free Music”- “Joshua’s Demons”

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