21. New Music: La Roux – “Trouble in Paradise”

At the risk of making myself too available I’m gonna have to do another post this week. New music. La Roux. How do people feel about La Roux? Do people hate La Roux? I’m not sure why, but I always got that impression. I loved the self titled debut album and I think all of the singles have been part of my on-my-own-in-work-singing-in-falsetto repertoire (apparently that’s how you spell that, look at me learning and expanding my mind at all times like some sort of word wizard).

Anyway, La Roux were a band but are now an Elly Jackson, the other member got the boat off the island, and she has a new album called “Trouble in Paradise” and it’s one of the best albums I’ve heard. It’s poppy and summery, funky and interesting. It makes me want to go dancing but also be on my own at the same time. It’s a very cool combination of things and comes together as a very complete album. The quality is consistent throughout.

There’s a couple of very definite vibes going on. When I first listened to it, I thought it was what an album totally based on “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie would sound like. That’s not really true. There’s a real Bowie influence but there’s there’s lots of indie elements too, moments where it could be written by The Cribs. Then you’ve got “Paradise is You” which reminds me of that track that Bryan Adams and Mel C from the Spice Girls did, “When You’re Gone”. I fucking love that song. Major guilty pleasure. Towards the end of the album it takes a kinda power ballad/ 10cc- “I’m Not In Love“/ Phil Collins turn too. I like that there’s tonnes of influences that you can pick out through “Trouble in Paradise”. It’s like the bibliography of an album which is pretty cooooool if ya ask me.

The some of the song titles are probably the weakest point of the album. “Tropical Chancer” sounds like the world’s mildest racial slur. It’s still a great song. “Sexotheque” on the other hand is one of my favourite titles for anything ever.

If you need convincing that it’s a fucking awesome album the tracks to pick are proooooooobably “Uptight Downtown” for the dancey buzz and “Sexotheque” and “Tropical Chancer” for when you’ve had too much to drink, the evening is winding down and you want to cry/dance out the demons on your lonesome.

All in all, I’d give it 21 stars out of a possible 24,( that’s 87.5% if we’re gonna be like that, 24 is a fucking badass number though). I’m sure you can buy it in shops and shit or like on iTunes or whatever. It’s worth paying for. She’s playing The Academy in November and tickets a fairly cheap too so that should be bleedin massif.

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21. New Music: La Roux – “Trouble in Paradise”

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