“Quick” Update

I’m in my obnoxious pink jocks. I’m supposed to be studying and I’ve played old FIFA all day. So we all know that that means, it’s time for blogging. I said quick but that’s a lie. I have a ton of shit I want talk about and I really need to do it soon or nobody will care anymore. The struggles of attempting to be relevant. Okay so we’ve got three topics, two gig related and one new music.

First up is La Roux. Last Thursday, as anyone who saw my drunk tweets will know, me and Matty Moo went to see La Roux. I bought my tickets months ago and people might remember I wrote about “Trouble in Paradise” when it came out back in July. You can head back and read that post by clicking here. So I was really fucking stoked for La Roux. I’ve had a super busy couple of weeks and the gig put me under pressure with college but it was 100% worth it.

Support were a band called Meanwhile. And they were amazing. Amazing to the extent that we were worried that they might upstage La Roux. I don’t really like when that happens. It’s awesome to see a new band that you’ve never heard of but I feel like if I’ve paid to see someone and they’re not as good as the support then they’re doing something wrong. I really enjoyed Meanwhile because they’re a similar vibe to La Roux, kinda 80s throw back, maybe more so than La Roux. They were rocking the suit jackets with rolled up sleeves. I liked that they went all in. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the idea of “authenticity” when it comes to music, what that means and the stock that people put in that kind of shit. Meanwhile made me think about what I thought was authentic and I’ve kinda concluded that it’s just important to fully commit to doing what you wanna do. Then you’re being authentic in that you’re being yourself to max. That’s kind of a tangent but it’s been an idea I’ve really been mulling over for a few weeks and how 80s inspired band get a lot of shit for being 80s inspired.. Anyway, Meanwhile were fucking excellent and I’m super stoked for their new EP which comes out on Monday.

As excellent as Meanwhile were, La Roux was better. One of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. I’ve never seen a crowd as pumped for something. Everybody knew all the words and actually danced. I love gigs where people actually dance. Elly Jackson is so fucking cool. She has this immense swagger about her and she sounded perfect. Her band were super tight and really slick. The guitar player was my personal favourite. Seemed like a total odd bod. They played pretty much all her songs, new and old in pretty much equal parts. Of the first album the singles were the highlights, “Bulletproof” was immense and “I’m Not Your Toy” has always been one of my favourites and I wasn’t disappointed. Of the new stuff “Sexotheque” was the pinnacle. So good. I feel like I need to say more but that’s all I’ve got. It was just insanely good.

Speaking of insanely good, has everyone seen the new Zoax video for “Lonely Souls”? It’s been out for a few days so I’m not going into mega serious detail about the full video. I really want to mention one thing that I really liked. I love the appearance of the Irish flag. I like the video overall because I think it conveys a lot of the energy that Adam has always brought as a lead singer. I always felt that if I could bring people to see Time is a Thief that they would instantly join me in being their biggest fans and it seems like Adam has brought that with him to Zoax if Twitter reactions are anything to go by. Obviously, I’m an Adam fan boy but I think people who have seen either band will understand.

Anyway, back to the flag. There are probably only about 7 or 8 really cool Irish people (go on, count them) and I think Adam is one of them. Zoax are mostly sold as a London band, but I think it’s important for Ireland to claim at least a little bit of Zoax and support the boys. So I was really pleased to see the Ireland flag appear and get waved around. And there’s a fucking badass screenshot of it. Brightened up my day. It goes without saying, it’s a fucking banging track too but I expected no less.

Okay, finally, and this will be very brief because fuck me this is a long blog, Flight Facilities are coming to Dublin tomorrow night. Fucking buzzing so I am. My preorder pack of cool bits and bobs arrived the other day (click here and scroll down to “The First Class Experience”). One of my favourite things a band have done in a while. I’m really excited to wear the socks tomorrow night. The new album is super chill and has a short but sweet appearance from Kylie Minogue. I can’t think of a lot else that you could want. I thiiink tickets are still available if anybody wants to stalk me and/or see them.

So that’s it.That was a super wordy blog. I don’t have any free music this week but I am including a playlist of sweet tunes to get ya’ll through the daily struggles that are life. If it seems mismatched that’s probably because it is.


“Quick” Update

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