Year of the Bastard turns one this week/month/nowish so as a celebration and apology here is the run down of the musical year of the bastard.

Song of the Year: Panic! at the Disco, “Girls/Girls/Boys”

My song of the year comes from last year. Fight me. Spotify claimed that this was my song of the year and that’s as valid a reason as any to go with it. I talked about it way back in my first month of blogging and it’s stuck with me through the year. Yay.

Songs worth a damn: (in the order that I thought of them)

  • “Weekend” – Vérité
  • “Kisser” (Lazerdisk Remix) – Step Rockets
  • “Uptown Funk”- Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars
  • “Bugatti” – Tiga
  • “Pony” – Zak Waters
  • “Calling Out” – Penguin Prison
  • “Lonely Souls” – Zoax
  • “To the Top” – Twin Shadow

Album of the Year: Chromeo’s “White Women”

I have been a huge Chromeo fan for like 8 years at this point. I’m not gonna say I knew about them first or that they were better when nobody knew about them, but it was an amazing thing to find Chromeo and it’s been amazing to see the development. When “White Women” came out I was listening to it twice or three times a day. I bought the deluxe merch pack with my first pay check of the summer. It was a massive album for me this year.

Lovely albums:

  • “Trouble in Paradise”- La Roux
  • “Client Liaison” – Client Liaison
  • “Down to Earth” – Flight Facilities

Hip happening EPs:

And as always, let’s see what I can give you for free based on these lists.

Straight off the bat, Colin from Alabaster is my brother so I’m not going to go mad pushing them because that just seems like poor form. I will say that I really liked that EP. If you click here you can download their debut album “Nobody Wants It” for “name your price” aka probably zero. The EP is a solid improvement but the album is a taster of things to come.

The Lazerdisk remix is free and that leads us on to something else. Some of these tracks were supposed to be on Free Free Free volume 4, which I started weeks ago, but since that’s taken so long I’ll throw that on here too. Tis the season and all. You’ve got a “Bugatti” Remix in there too.

So that’s it. It’s been a year of this so what have you thought. Everything is welcome in the comments, I’m always looking for feedback and recommendations for new, old or free music.


Gimme a shout if any of those downloads change. I had some free Penguin Prison remixes but they are now part of the single pack for “Calling Out” and Vérité’s remix pack for “Weekend” which ya can get on iTunes if you’re some sort of mad bastard.

Year of the Bastard

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