4.- SomeoneShowedMe: “Girls/Girls/Boys”

The Mot showed me “Girls/Girls/Boys” by Panic! at the Disco. I had totally gone off Panic! after the first album to be honest. They did the whole “Nine in the Afternoon” thing and there’s always been that kinda theatrical, gothic thing going on. More recently there’s been a more electronic element to what they’ve been doing. This track has some of these electronic bits but I think it’s an all round better tune than anything we’ve heard from the band in a long time. They’ve always appealed to me in a lot of ways but had these flaws that totally ruined them for me. I’ve always thought they were lyrically smug and over wordy. This song and video are less overly stylised. The lyrics are still intelligent and witty but seem more mature, less teenage-poet-wannabe, shorter song titles are a good sign.

Apart from how I felt it is better than their earlier stuff, “Girls/Girls/Boys” is just generally a belter. The bass reminds me of New Young Pony Club, it kinda dances underneath the rest of the track, so I think this is one for the decent quality sound systems or headphones. Unlike other tracks from the album, they don’t mess with Brendan Urie’s voice to much which is a definite plus. He is a fantastic singer and this is probably the best I’ve heard his voice. I think the different instruments sound a bit like they’re looped tracks but, in fairness, I have been listening to the song pretty much non-stop to get in the mood to write about it. It works though. The instrument changes are all pretty subtle and the focus is on the overall song rather than any one instrument at any time.

Video is weird.Just Brendan Urie, in the nip. The dude has a much body hair as I have on my hands. It’s crazy that there’s no bullshit about it being pornographic or inappropriate like there is about all the Miley Cyrus videos. What’s going on there?

So that’s it! What d’ya think? What are you listening to? Any recommendations?

4.- SomeoneShowedMe: “Girls/Girls/Boys”

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