3. – Tracksfrom: GTA V – “Lucky Boy”

Idea. I’m gonna run with it. Soundtracks are awesome. Video games, movies, tv, porn(?) – all genres of media have been paying more attention to soundtracks in the last decade or so. So I’m going to start a segment on soundtracks.

My favourite song at the minute is the remix of DJ Mehdi’s “Lucky Boy” by Outlines, which features in GTA V. Now, let’s be honest, the radio playlists in this installment are not quite up to the standard of 4, San Andreas or Vice City. However, “Lucky Boy” is a highlight.  It combines a lot of really cool elements. The piano riff and the main vocal part are real Motowny and bouncy. Then, at the same time, there is a kind of quiet, chilled, sexy electro vibe going on. I’d love to have written it. Enjoy!

3. – Tracksfrom: GTA V – “Lucky Boy”

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