Free Music: Spotlight on Penguin Prison

Ok ok. I admit that I have a musical man crush on Penguin Prison. In my defense, the dude ticks a lot of boxes in terms of my musical values. That sounds a bit weird but bear with me here. So his music is fucking awesome. It’s fun and funky. He has an unreal voice. His output is immense. Crucially, in terms of why he’s such a big feature here in the offices ( I write as I lie in bed) is because he puts out a shit tonne of free music. His first album will cost you but it’s excellent. So good that I bought it on vinyl. But he does a huge amount of remixing of other people’s songs, he shares remixes of his own stuff for free and he has a bunch of 40 minute plus mixes which are 100 percent on point.

I’m sharing his soundcloud with this entry and that initially seems like a cop out, but look at the amount of great music that you get there! There’s the Viceroy and Elephante remixes of his new single “Calling Out”. Super sweet long mixes of cracking disco bangers. There’s excellent remixes of artists like Kylie Minogue, Jamiriqoui and Lana del Rey. There’s a Penguin Prison cover of motherfucking Sade.

Follow this link. Download the truck load of free music. Enjoy. Then come see the dude with me if we’re ever lucky enough to have him come to Ireland or, for a strangely high percentage of you, go see him when he goes to Brazil.

Most importantly, show Penguin Prison love. He’s doing an awesome thing and he’s doing a lot of it for free.


Free Music: Spotlight on Penguin Prison

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