24. Dirty Danish Delights: Part Two.

So my second album was honestly the one I was looking forward to the most, “Lukas Graham” by Lukas Graham. And it was pretty disappointing. I heard Lukas Graham like two years ago with a cool kinda live version of “Drunk in the Morning”. It was just a video of the dude himself and the band just playing the song in his gaff. They looked like scaldy piss heads and he just had the most amazing voice. I was so excited about it. I checked out some other tracks and wasn’t that sold on them. Decent, but underwhelming.

I bought the album off the back of “Drunk in the Morning”. The thinking was that nobody could have written such a good song and not be able to write anything half as good. Lies. There’s a kinda weird faux gansta thing going on and it’s just a bit tragic. I like to pretend to be the pimp mac daddy as much as the next white college educated man but this is upsetting. The album has interludes. I got one listen though and I can’t say I see myself returning to it for a while. Even the album version of “Drunk in the Morning” is disappointing.

So, while I’m not sharing a great album, I am sharing the original video which is worth the heart break. Actually, I’m not even sharing the album at all. Fuck it.

24. Dirty Danish Delights: Part Two.

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