25. I’ve been listening to…

I’m not even going to apologize. Poor form on the blog writing yet again. I have the final installment of “Dirty Danish Delights” in the works as well as a post about an old album from an artist who I think should be bigger than bleedin’ Abba. Is it Abba or ABBA? Fuckit.

I wanted to post something short and sweet, just to touch base with you guys, make sure you’re doing ok and so you can see that I’m alive after an intense few weeks of Electic Picnic and graduation. Woop Woop. So here is what I’ve been listening to:

“Penguin Prison” by Penguin Prison.

Penguin Prison just one dude kicking ass and making music. Fucking love the whole album. I bought it on vinyl because I thought that would make me cool.

“The Walkyr” by Cult Called Man.

Sweet single by a cool band. They played two gigs at EP and I didn’t manage to see either of them. My life is filled with shame. This track is really impressive because of it’s completeness. That sounds like a super douchebag of a sentence but give it a listen and you’ll understand. Lots of nice little details and quirky sounds.

“Five Seconds” and “To the Top” by Twin Shadow.

One of my EP highlights. I like to think that Twin Shadow is what Bruce Springsteen would sound like if he lived in a future ruled by Prince.

“Girl” by Beck

One of my favourite tracks from one of my favourite albums by one of my favourite humans. Beck was fab at EP and this was the pinnacle.

So that’s it. What is the rest of the world listening to? Gimme some suggestions and i’ll start a positive rumour about you


25. I’ve been listening to…

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