03 August 2021 – Millionaire by Kelis feat. Andre 3000

“Millionaire” is one of my absolute favourite tracks. I think it’d be one of my picks for greatest song of all time. It’s got so many perfect elements that come together to make something even better.

I’ve talked about Andre 3000 before and how I prefer Big Boi as a rapper, but “Millionaire” is an Andre 3000 highlight. His cheese, rats, cats verse is just so good:

“Where there is cheese there are rats
Wherever there are rats there are cats
Wherever there are cats there are dogs
If you got the dogs, you got bitches
Bitches always out to put their paws on your riches
If you got riches, you got glitches
If you got glitches in your life computer, turn it off
And then reboot it, now you back on
Can’t just put the cap on the old bottle
Once you pop it, that’ll spoil it
Go on and drink it and enjoy it, uh
Mama I’m a millionaire”

Kelis almost takes a back seat in her own song. I’ve always really liked Kelis. She has a great voice. In “Millionaire”, it’s quite gentle. She plays it straight and then Andre 3000 goes wild on top of it. He’s got credits for the drums, music programming and keyboards as well as the producer credit. The drums are so punchy and drive the whole song. It’s a kinda chilled song but then the drums are just super hyped. The piano is gentle, but the keyboards are big and distorted. It’s a real combination of opposites, but it all comes together to be a fucking gem.

You can listen to “Millionaire” by Kelis feat. Andre 3000 here.

03 August 2021 – Millionaire by Kelis feat. Andre 3000

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