02 August 2021 – Steal My Sunshine by Len

I was standing in the line in the cinema tonight and I heard the sample the forms the basis of “Steal My Sunshine” out in the wild, “More, More, More” by Andrea True Connection. It’s one of my favourite mind blowing samples of all time, made doubly explosive by the fact that I don’t feel like I actually know “More, More, More”. What I really know is “Moe, Moe, Moe” from The Simpsons which you can listen to a 1 hour loop of here.

I love a good sample. I love that a person could hear a snippet of a song and repurpose it, especially when it’s something a small as the portion that Len sampled here. “Steal My Sunshine” is mostly nonsense otherwise. The lyrics are fairly unintelligible, even with an explanation, but that doesn’t really matter. The chorus is a perfect earworm. The singer, Marc Costanza, reminds me of Jason Bateman’s commentator character in Dodgeball. I consider that a positive.

I think there’s a lot of misplaced nostalgia for the 90s by people who were mostly too young to remember the decade. I think “Steal My Sunshine” is a song that deserves nostalgia. It’s dreamy with very light hip hop undertones. The video has so many perfect 90s outfits – Globe skate shoes, side ways caps, baggy jeans, I’m pretty sure Marc Costanza has Fred Durst side burns with a shaved head. The video is actually a better version of the song because it doesn’t have the spoken parts.

You can listen to “Steal My Sunshine” by Len here or watch the video below:

02 August 2021 – Steal My Sunshine by Len

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