30 July 2021 – Last Train to London by Electric Light Orchestra

Back in my days as a high flying pre cast concreteer, the radio was a big deal. We had a vibrating table which we used for making concrete fence posts and panels. It was ridiculously loud and we all wore ear protection but I’d turn the radio up so it was louder than everything else. A few good tunes could really make the day move a lot quicker.

We used to listen to Phantom before that went off the air and then we moved around a lot. Sometimes you’d get a good string of songs on Radio Nova. One of the best songs that Nova introduced me to was “Last Train to London” by ELO. It’s such a mad song. It’s got a “Boogie Nights” style bass line in the verse and it goes to the next level in the chorus. There’s strings all over the place. There’s a siren in there. And then the boys are just throwing in some chat about trains. There’s so much to it that I could never imagine how a human brain could write it. It’s probably not the first ELO song that most people would think of but it’s a gem.

You can listen to “Last Train to London” by ELO here.

30 July 2021 – Last Train to London by Electric Light Orchestra

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