29 July 2021 – Beginning by LA Priest

I’ve been losing my mind a bit over the last year or two. Lots of talking about positivity and productivity. Just mental shit when you consider we’re all going to die. As part of that I’ve been trying to use my free time in a more fulfilling way. One of the biggest obstacles to that has been creeping back in to my life lately. FIFA. I’ve been playing FIFA again. FIFA 21 is free to download with Game Pass on the Xbox. Man, it makes me so sad. It’s not that fun and it’s so easy to just lose time to it. I play career mode so it’s really just designing a system and monitoring and improving that system and tweaking it over time. It’s just so lame.

The only real good thing about FIFA as a series of games is the soundtrack. The musical choices are very interesting and there’s always a couple of great tunes on each game. My favourite song this year is “Beginning” by LA Priest. It’s a wonderful little nonsensical song. I like when it comes on when I’m playing FIFA because it kinda makes the pointlessness of the never ending machine seem a bit whimsical. There’s a busyness to the layering of sounds that gives it a kind of whirring factory vibe. There’s an attitude to the vocals that makes me want to do some air punches and snap some kicks while having a wiggle. I read a song by song run through that LA Priest did with The Fader, where they talk about the emphasis on the texture of lyrics as opposed to meaning. I like that idea.

You can listen to “Beginning” by LA Priest here.

29 July 2021 – Beginning by LA Priest

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