20 July 2021 – Get Down Saturday Night by Oliver Cheatham

I wrote half of this post and changed my mind. I was a little conflicted about which version of the track to pick. I was going to pick the Room 5 version, “Make Luv”. I felt like I needed to preface it by talking about how much I like the original before I could talk about why I prefer “Make Luv”. As I wrote I changed my mind.

I love the original version by Oliver Cheatham, “Get Down Saturday Night”. It’s a fuller sounding song. Oliver Cheatham had more to do. The backing vocals are great. The bassline is fantastic. It’s slower than the Room 5 version but it’s got a proper groove and it’s very danceable. One of my favourite parts is the the bridge. You’ve got the jangly guitars from the pre chorus. I love the classic move of shouting out locations. It’s just such a great trope. And then there’s the sample of the laughing kids which is almost creepy.

I love when it appears in the film “Ex Machina”. It’s very intense, but so appropriate. Oscar Isaac’s character’s reaction is exactly the same as mine when this song comes on. I don’t care about anything else, I’m about to tear up the fucking dance floor.

You can listen to “Get Down Saturday Night” by Oliver Cheatham here. I also love that the best version of the song on Spotify is on an album for cool dads.

20 July 2021 – Get Down Saturday Night by Oliver Cheatham

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