18 July 2021 – American Psycho

I rewatched “American Psycho” last night. It’s very good but it’s definitely a tough watch. It’s unbearable at times. Just very intense. There’s a bunch of things that I like about it. I love the music. Christian Bale is incredible as usual.

The thing that struck me when I watched it last night was the supporting cast. I think Christian Bale is exceptional and that’s been explored before, but the supporting cast are all very good as well and there are a whole bunch of people I’d forgotten about.

Jared Leto is in there as Paul Allen, an even more grotesque Wall Street bro than Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman (Bateman’s external persona that is). His hair is even worse than Bateman’s. He’s smarmy and unpleasant. Jared Leto does a great job. He’s an odd dude, but he often crops up very good films. His appearance here made me think about his appearance as the Joker and made me wonder about Christian Bale as a possible Joker. His Bateman is definitely a decent blueprint.

Chloë Sevigny is very good as Bateman’s assistant, Jean. I think that because the viewer can see how bad he is, it’s useful to have someone like her there. She’s not like the other Wall Street people and she obviously has positive feelings towards his, somewhere between worship and attraction. She’s a sweet character and she’s a good contrast to compare Bateman to. She also helps to highlight the way he’s teetering on the brink, starting to spill over but clinging on.

I also liked seeing Justin Theroux in there as the only person that Bateman finds interesting, Timothy Bryce. He actually has one of the best scenes, it’s like two back to back great moments, the discussion of the repercussions of AIDS and then the conversation about the strength of their cocaine. Check that out here.

Then you’ve also got Reese Witherspoon and Willem Dafoe in there giving decent performances.

I feel like “American Psycho” is in the same category as “Fight Club” of films that certain men love but I think it deserves the praise it gets. I really like Bateman’s obsession with pop music. I appreciate the competition around business cards. It’s a wild ride with some wild characters and some great performances.

18 July 2021 – American Psycho

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