16 April 2021 – Bad Boy by BIGBANG

BIGBANG were probably the generation before K-Pop really went global. They all went to the military in 2017 and one of them got caught up in that night club scandal in South Korea. They seemed posed to return in 2020 but then covid happened. They’ll probably be back soon and take over the world.

Bad Boy is an incredible R&B/Hip Hop track and a real demonstration of BIGBANG’s talent. It’s like they studied classic hip hop ballads and they perfected them and then added the K-Pop elements to them. The video ties in perfectly. Chilled with laid back piano, each band member is an incredible singer and has a different style. An absolute gem.

You can listen to Bad Boy by BIGBANG here. Also check out the video here.

16 April 2021 – Bad Boy by BIGBANG

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