15 April 2021 – E-Pro by Beck

E-Pro was the first time I had ever heard of Beck. For some reason, I had money to spend and I was getting an album and I was evaluating my options based on highlights from one of the big summer festivals that were on TV and I saw Beck perform E-Pro. I then, and this now seems like an insane thing to do, went on iTunes and listened to the short samples of all the songs on the album that E-Pro is from, Guero, and decided that it was a sound investment. I then went and bought a physical copy of the album, probably in HMV.

E-Pro is probably a perfect big crowd song so it makes sense that I was roped in by live footage. It’s a great guitar riff and a good old na na na football chant chorus with quieter verses for the crowd to catch their breath. It also has a lot of what you expect from Beck, mad lyrics that could be deep but could be nonsense and the beat sampled from the Beastie Boys hiding in plain site.

I’m not sure if it’s my favourite Beck song, or even my favourite song on the album, but E-Pro was my introduction and I’ll always have a soft spot for it. In these Covid times, I’d give anything to see it played live again and join in the sing-a-long.

You can listen to E-Pro by Beck here.

15 April 2021 – E-Pro by Beck

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