14 April 2021 – Might Not Make It Home by LPX

One of my favourite musical sensations, is when a song I know shows up somewhere unexpectedly. Sometimes that’s in an ad on TV or someone recommending a song you already know and like. It’s a familiar and nice feeling, with some added cool points depending on where it’s being played. I had one of those moments last night. I started watching Invincible on Amazon Prime and Might Not Make It Home featured. It’s a banger of a tune. It’s got a DIY garage rock feel and it was for a scene in episode two of the show where Invincible is practicing flying and it works well.

Soundtracks are a fascinating idea, because the team behind the production will often pick elements of a song that wouldn’t jump out at the listener at first. Sometimes, listening to the artist’s version, it can be hard to see how it was selected for a scene or as a theme song. This was a weird case of that because the Invincible snippet of the song actually missed my favourite part. There’s layered vocal in the post chorus that swells and grows coming out of the second chorus. Having heard the song before, the piece in the show felt like a teaser for the bit that I really wanted to hear. And as a result, it’s been on repeat all day today.

Listen to Might Not Make It Home by LPX here.

14 April 2021 – Might Not Make It Home by LPX

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