13 April 2021 – Worry A Lot by The Like Young

Worry A Lot is a quintessential 2000s indie track. So quintessential in fact, that it was included as a preloaded MP3 on a Philips music player that appeared in my house around 2005. I love the element of randomness with which the track came into my life and that multiplies my enjoyment of it. The Like Young were a husband and wife combo. They both sang, she played the drums and he played everything else. There’s punk inspired singing and guitar and a droning keyboard. All the characteristics are there for a classic song of the time that it could almost have been created in a lab.

I don’t know what happened to The Like Young. There’s a very small internet footprint that trails off around 2006 with some fan posted Youtube lyric videos as late as 2012. I’ll always have a lot of time for this song though and the strange concept of preloaded MP3s.

You can listen to Worry A Lot by The Like Young here.

13 April 2021 – Worry A Lot by The Like Young

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