12 April 2021 – Two Bodies by Flight Facilities feat. Emma Louise

Flight Facilities are incredibly consistent group and have a history of great collaboration with and promotion of other artists. Down To Earth is a wonderful album. The beats are so clean and at times could be entire songs by themselves. Two Bodies is a great example, strip everything back and I’d listen to the beats on their own and vibe along to that.

The vocal sample at the beginning from an interview with the actor Rod Serling is a great quote but it’s also a stroke of genius to pick that quote as the opening to the track, in terms of sound and meaning. Rod Serling has a classic American Hollywood accent and a tremendous way with words. And the quote itself is a reminder to appreciate things for what they are, without worrying about public or critical perception. It’s also a classic Flight Facilities move and a throwback to their decade mixes.

Emma Louise’s vocals tie in perfectly with the sound of the track. The harmonies are used like instruments in adding weight. The echoing soft vocals give the song a fragility and then build to a powerful chorus.

Listen Two Bodies by Flight Facilities feat Emma Louise here.

12 April 2021 – Two Bodies by Flight Facilities feat. Emma Louise

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