15 March 2021 – Sunny Days (Original Mix AND Fred Falke Remix) by Patterns

Both versions of this song could have had posts.

Remixes are an interesting idea. Sometimes they’ll improve a song. Sometimes they’ll completely change a song. In this case I think it’s more of a subtle vibe change – possibly an improvement, but I haven’t fully decided. The Original Mix is a chilled driving montage song. The Fred Falke Remix cranks the dance-ability of the song up a notch.

I think Fred Falke really gets it right because he captures most of the great element of the original. The vocals are already great. There’s an attitude to it, kinda reminds me of Client Liaison and the eighties pop those guys are obviously inspired by. The bass is funky and the keys have a spacey feel.

So then in his remix, Fred Falke adjusts some levels, bringing the vocal out even more in the mix. He sticks a driving beat on it and creates a building momentum. Then when the chorus comes in it’s irresistible. It’s impossible not to dance to.

Love it. Two absolute bangers, one grown from the other. Very good, very good. Insane video also, which you can check out here.

Listen to Sunny Days (Original Mix) by Patterns here.

And listen to Sunny Days (Fred Falke Remix) by Patterns here.

15 March 2021 – Sunny Days (Original Mix AND Fred Falke Remix) by Patterns

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