17 March 2021 – On Our Own by Lime Cordiale

“I don’t know how we’re finally on our own now, baby
I just don’t care, I’ll always want you here now, baby”

Lime Cordiale will always be my band of 2020. I absolutely adore them and On Our Own is such a great example of all that’s good about them. There’s cheeky chappy, there’s a sadness, there’s a song along as loud as you can. They remind me of Squeeze a bit I think and Squeeze have a very nostalgic happy place in my mind.

“Nobody can pull us off the floor now
You lock the bedroom door, pants down”

I love this song and I played it about a millions times last year. It’s kinda worrying how much I depended on being obsessed with Lime Cordiale and On Our Own in particular in the first lockdown, but being obsessed with a band, a song and then an album was a welcome distraction.

You can listen to On Our Own by Lime Cordiale here.

17 March 2021 – On Our Own by Lime Cordiale

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