18 March 2021 – Don’t Save Me by Haim

Don’t Save Me will always remind me of working in the Yard making concrete fencing. It was all over the radio and I used to turn the volume up so it could be heard over the machines and through the ear protection.

Haim were a band that became too big for me at the time. When everyone knew who they were I lost interest. It’s a lame personality trait and I like to think I’ve grown out of it. I think in part it comes from an oversaturation in whatever circles I was inhabiting and that Haim were a little too extra for me. The same thing happened at that time with Chromeo. And it was easier to come back to Chromeo because I have a signed poster of them in my room so they’re judging me all the time.

The truth is, in a world where people will still listen to R Kelly ignoring his shittyness as a person, I need to ignore the fact that I find Haim annoying as people and go back to enjoying some of my favourite songs. And Don’t Save Me is one of my favourites. It captures so much of that early 2010s indie era – synths, guitars, drum machines and harmonies. If I listen to it when I’m walking I have a dance routine that goes with it in my head. And that’s really all you can ask for from a song.

Listen to Don’t Save Me by Haim here.

18 March 2021 – Don’t Save Me by Haim

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