21 March 2021 -Sorry To Bother You

Did I enjoy Sorry To Bother You? Yes
Did Sorry To Bother You make me laugh? Yes
Did Sorry To Bother You make me uncomfortable? Yes
Did Sorry To Bother You make me think about things? Yes

So that’s probably mission accomplished for any film.

There’s a lot of social commentary on race, class, capitalism and business that this blog is too trivial to get into properly. It would require at least a full essay to deal with it all – black/white voices, losing homes, ethical business, the power of wealth, the individual vs the collective in the work place, existence.

I watched this film because I like LaKeith Stanfield and I had heard a buzz around it, but I hadn’t done any real deeper research. That’s a great way to see it because there are some mad bits, very surreal comedic moments and very on point social commentary that I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t know how good the cast was, Tessa Thompson is always very good, I didn’t recongnise Omari Hardwick until towards the end, and then there’s Armie Hammer. Armie Hammer’s appearance is wonderful in the context of everything that has come out about him in the last year. He’s supposed to be the likable face of new business, the start ups, the tech bros and he’s a pure mentaller. And that’s exactly what he’s turned out to be. He seemed fun and likeable but he’s probably deranged.

I like the clothes. I like the setting. I like way things are shot. I like the humour. And then there’s a lot to think about from the film which I think it handled well and definitely resonated with me, particularly the balancing act of the ethics of a job vs a person’s need to survive financially.

It’s a wild ride but definitely a must watch.

21 March 2021 -Sorry To Bother You

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