22 March 2021 – Spare Time by Tides

In the early days of this blog, I lived in Galway in a mad house while I did my masters. In hindsight, I was having a terrible time and it has had an impact in terms of my physical and mental health. It was always dark. It rained so much. I don’t know if I should have done that masters at all and it made me feel shitty about college in general for a long time. It’s all stuff that I’ve made peace with and I see it as a learning experience about myself.

The best times in Galway were when people would come to see me. Galway is a great place to show someone around. There’s good food and good pubs and a beautiful part of the world on a good day.

Spare Time by Tides reminds me of when Shóna came to see me after my last exam of the first semester and we hung out in Galway for a bit and then she drove home. We listened to this song in the car as the weather turned and the rain came down in sheets.

It’s a cool song. Very pop. Very danceable. And it’ll always remind me of the good parts of my time in Galway, Shóna coming to see me and rescue me from the rain.

Listen to Spare Time by Tides here.

22 March 2021 – Spare Time by Tides

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