23 March 2021 – The Real Thing by Client Liaison

I’m posting after midnight so it’s definitely the 24th but it still counts as the 23rd for my blogging schedule because I haven’t gone to sleep yet. I’ve been working hard for the last year on trying to change my life. I’ve been trying to create healthy habits. I’m trying to focus on using my spare time in a fulfilling way.

And all that has slipped this week. I’ve worked 15 of the last 16 days. I’m not seeing a lot of people due to lockdown and I’m having a bit of a wobble. So I’m trying to correct my life systems. An important part of that is the sense of achievement from writing a blog entry. So here it is. Mission accomplished.

It’s a song for the occasion. The only motivation song that ever spoken to me in anyway, The Real Thing by Client Liaison. And it’s hard to tell, as things often are with Client Liaison, how serious this song is intended to be, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a fucking great song. It’s a great sing-along. It’s a great boogie

“Don’t stop keep moving get on your feet
You gotta know that you’re the real thing”

That’s my mantra for this week. I am The Real Thing. I am a superstar.

You can listen to The Real Thing by Client Liaison here.

23 March 2021 – The Real Thing by Client Liaison

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