13. I’ve been listening to…

It’s been a busy week or two and I’ve probably been burning the candle at both ends. Well, it’s caught up on me. Serious man flu going on. Sweating out like a mother fucker. Anyway, it gives me the chance to get back to this.

So what have I been listening to? Here we go.

That Zoax EP. Over and over. My only issues is that it’s not an album. Means I’m listening to it straight through a couple of times in a row before I feel like I’ve had enough.

Then on an entirely different note I’ve been listening to some chillwavey/indietronica kinda stuff:

“Old Love/ New Love” by Twin Shadow.- Love this one. It’s got some real chilled bits combined with that early house throwback piano and vocals combo. Then at the end there’s a quiet bit with hella Prince influence. It’s just cool. Sexy and funky. This was my favourite.

“Coloured Screens” by Antonio Paul.

“Power Trip”(J Cole cover) by X Ambassadors

“Embrace” by Hayden James (some kinda weird version)

“You’re Not Good Enough” by Blood Orange

“You’re the One for Me” by Great Good Fine Ok

“Make Me” by Ambassadeurs

Check out the playlist here. That has everything except the Ambassadeurs track (which is a free download) and the J Cole cover. It also has everything from the last entry and will have everything from future entries!

13. I’ve been listening to…

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