14. New(ish) Music: Skizzy Mars -“Pace”

Super lazy, soz. Struggling to stay motivated to write or search for music. I might go back through some old finds and dig out some free mixtapes and stuff for y’all to keep the blog ticking over. In the mean time something kinda came up. “Pace” by Skizzy Mars. Skizzy has been one of my favourite rappers since I first heard “Douchebag“. So that’s been like two years. He’s been pretty consistent. I go through phases of being super into him. His last major tape, “Phases“, happened to come out at a time when I wasn’t feeling particularly hip hop so I never really got it. It took so long to come out and everything he released was so good that it just became so built up that it could never live up to the hype in my mind.

“Pace” has just appeared at a time when I needed something new to listen to and it’s really good. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to blog about it when it first appeared and I didn’t listen to it the day it came out. I gave it a few days. I honestly think it’s the most consistent thing he’s ever put out. I hate to say that music is “more mature” but I think Skizzy is more mature this time around. Like, he is younger that I am and I have total respect for all the stuff he’s put out, but there were times when he came across as a dick in his lyrics. There’s still plenty of drugs, plenty of women, but there is a developed character behind it. Now there’s women he wants but can’t be with and shit like that. It’s more human, I guess.

I think musically it’s better than anything he’s put out in a while too.The new stuff on “Phases” was a lot of similar sounds and the general vibe was too chilled for me. This time around he’s back to using great samples which was one of his best traits before. He was able to put out good all-round tunes. The highlights for me are “Summer 11” and “Too Ill”. The vocals are great as you’d expect but the tracks are class. Also check out how he says heart in “Mistakes”. Gas.

Anyway, download the full tape here and get the rest of his stuff here [all freeeeeeeeee].

14. New(ish) Music: Skizzy Mars -“Pace”

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