26 July 2021 – Over You by Zak Waters

Over the last 2 years or so, I’ve been Marie Condo-ing my personal social media. Does this make me happy? Mute, block, delete the app. At this point, I’m down to only having Instagram on my phone and only using Facebook for messenger and very occasionally to check when people’s birthday’s are. Even on Instagram, I’ve cut down on who I follow to people I genuinely enjoy as an online entity. I’ve even muted people that I like, but have stressful lives. I’ve been happier for it.

One person, who has survived the culls is Pretty Sister, formerly known as Zak Waters (possibly still known as Zak Waters, that might be his name, but probably isn’t). He’s got a new album out and, as I assume he intended, I haven’t listened to it because it made me want to listen to some of his stuff that he released years ago as Zak Waters.

Sometimes the song of the day is down to a moment within a song. My song today is “Over You”. What I really like about it is this kind of a turn around that the song does twice. The music seems to slow to a stop and suddenly start back up again. It’s like it dummies a stop coming out of the chorus and then bursts into the best sing along part of the song – the repeated “No don’t wanna be lonely lonely lonely” bit. Zak Waters has an incredible voice so it really works well. I love this song because it has such a pop/edm crossover feel. It’s from 2013 which was during my nightclub years and this was just what I wanted in those days. It’s got the kind of Moombahton beat to it which combines well to make it a real summery song. All together a terrible choice of song of the day for a school night, because all I want to do now is drink cocktails and dance.

You can listen to “Over You” by Zak Waters here.

26 July 2021 – Over You by Zak Waters

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