27 July 2021 – Babies by Kyle feat Alessia Cara

I really liked KYLE’s “Light of Mine” album. I had tickets to see him in 2018 and ended up not getting to go. I listened to the album on repeat for months and I overplayed it for myself so I wasn’t able to listen to it for a while. He also starred in “The After Party” on Netflix so I guess it felt like over saturation. Too much in too short a period of time.

I like the feeling when you’re finally able to come back to an album like that and relisten to songs. Doing that with “Light of Mine”, I have to say “Babies” is an undeniably good song. The lyrics are quite neat when you look at them. Both KYLE and Alessia Cara’s verses have references to “ABC” by The Jackson 5. In the first verse:

And I was learnin’ ABC’s
No one taught me how to love you

And then in the second verse:

And this ain’t easy, 1-2-3’s
No one taught me how to love you (No one taught me)

It’s simple but it’s kinda cool. The song is the opposite to “ABC”. He’s talking about how relationships aren’t easy and they don’t always work, but there’s room to learn and figure things out. The whole thing works well. They have very complimentary voices. The verses have a great bounce

This might sound deranged, but I think if they ever went back to making those sci-fi animated films like “Titan AE” and “Atlantis”, “Babies” would fit perfectly into the soundtrack. Those type of films always had a romance shoehorned in. “Babies” would work because it is sweet, it has a positive message and it has a kind of quiet outer space vibe. Make of that idea what you will.

You can listen to “Babies” by KYLE feat. Alessia Cara here.

27 July 2021 – Babies by Kyle feat Alessia Cara

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