14 July 2021 – Act Yr Age by Bluejuice

Bluejuice’s greatest hits, “Retrospectable”, became one of my favourite albums during lockdown last year. I got sucked into watching YouTube clips of Triple J’s Like A Version. It’s a radio segment in Australia that has produced some incredible covers. I love covers. There’s a huge amount of potential to flex by picking something cool to cover and then covering it in an interesting way. Bluejuice had a number of appearances over the years and they always managed to do something fun.

I’m not sure if I consciously moved from YouTube to Spotify or if the various algorithms aligned, but I began listening to Bluejuice’s own music religiously. “Act Yr Age” was the first song that I remember listening to. I like so much about it. I love the hand claps. I think there’s a xylophone in there, some kind of tingly key sounds. I love that. I like that the main riff is on piano. There’s a great energy to it. Jake Stone and Stavros Yiannoukas are like voice soul mates. Their combination of voices is consistently perfect. It’s a fun song and it makes me happy.

You can listen to “Act Yr Age” by Bluejuice here.

14 July 2021 – Act Yr Age by Bluejuice

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