15 July 2021 – Following Fools by Lime Cordiale

I’ve written about Lime Cordiale before. I’ve even kinda written about “Following Fools” before, but not as one of my songs of the day. It’s one of my favourite songs and also one of my favourite videos.

One of the things I like most about Lime Cordiale is that they get into serious shit even though they’re goofy dudes. There’s a big conversation to be had about men and manhood and masculinity. I don’t think everyone is able to have it. “Following Fools” is about young men following in the footsteps of older men. It acknowledges the responsibility that older generations have, but I also think the title suggests a recognition of the facts that (a) nobody knows what they’re doing, and (b) every previous generation got some things wrong. I love this song because it starts the conversation without going into Joe Rogan mode. It’s coming from a place of love and honesty.

On top of all that it’s a classic Lime Cordiale tune. The bass grooves away. The pre chorus vocals have that vibe of those Beatles songs where you get the impression the drugs had taken hold. It’s dreamy and sweet. The fact that it’s meaningful is just a bonus really.

You can listen to “Following Fools” by Lime Cordiale here.

15 July 2021 – Following Fools by Lime Cordiale

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