13 July 2021 – No Tomorrow by Orson

If it had been possible to bet on bands being successful I would have bet on Orson when their first album came out. Obviously, in hindsight, there are a lot of red flags – bad hats, grown men singing about not having school tomorrow, but I really thought that was a great album. The fact that half of the band have gone on to be very successful songwriters and producers is not surprising in the least, although the fact that they’ve worked with people like Lil Peep and Charlie XCX feels a little confusing. In terms of picking a favourite song by Orson , it’s a bit of a toss up between “No Tomorrow” and “Bright Idea”. I really like all of the album, but picking a non single track from an album by a band that are considered to be a two hit wonder seems like an intentionally hot take. Operating on the basis that we could all die at anytime and I might not have time to write about two Orson songs, I’m picking “No Tomorrow” as my song of the day choice.I like “No Tomorrow” largely because it’s a cool guitar song . The lead singer has a great voice. It also has the goofy elements:

“And tomorrow there’s no school
So lets go drink some more Red Bull
And not get home ’till about 6 o’clock”

but there’s something about that that appeals to me. I like the complaints about Orson. It’s an undeniably bad couple of lines. To me, this song is the embodiment of the problems of successful first albums. Bands have all their lives to write their first album. That means they have the time to get it right, and I really think Orson did, but it also means they’re stuck singing songs about being teenagers into their twenties and beyond. I love having such a perfect example of it.

You can listen to “No Tomorrow” by Orson here.

13 July 2021 – No Tomorrow by Orson

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