29 June 2021 – Dance Moves by Franc Moody

Franc Moody seem like they’d be a fun band to be in. I’ve seen them a couple of times and they’ve got a great energy. Everyone involved looks like they’re having a great time. They’re another band that I’ve avoided picking a song from for this list for a long time because I just don’t know what song to pick. Their playlist on Spotify, “The Complete Franc Moody”, claims to be “All the joints so far” and it’s incredibly consistent. I am picking “Dance Moves” as my first of what I have no doubt will be many, because I think it’s the most on brand for me. I love to see everyone’s dance moves at all times and I am working on my own dance moves all day everyday.

The bass is fantastic. The singing is soulful. The guitars are clangy. What I like most about “Dance Moves” is the build up and then drop into the chorus. From a dancing perspective, particularly in the long gone days of dance floors, this creates a massive burst of energy. And I know it’s a simple idea, but I like that it’s a song about dancing that really is fun to dance to. They talk about the influence of Jamiroquai and I think you can hear it in the outro in particular where all the instruments have built up to this crescendo and the keyboards in the background give it a real epicness.

Good song. Good lads. Good vibes.

You can listen to “Dance Moves” by Franc Moody here.

29 June 2021 – Dance Moves by Franc Moody

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