28 June 2021 – Ojai by Young & Sick

“Ojai” was in my head when I woke up this morning. Specifically the lyrics from the second verse:

“Four more minutes ’till the sunrise, but I’m not ready
Damn you, time
Four more minutes ’till the headache, but I’m not ready
Damn you, wine”

I don’t mind when songs get stuck in my head. I think the problem arises when I’m around other people. Singing the same few lines on repeat is understandably irritating so I try to stop and then it gets annoying when I can’t. So it’s one of the nice things about working from home to have a nice song stuck in my head and getting to ride it out. I managed to listen to it for a bit before letting Spotify run into the song radio which was also very enjoyable, some familiar classics.

I like the piano and vocals intro. It’s very dramatic. Then a subtle beat is added before we drop into the song properly. I like that the lyrics are often repeated with slight variations. There’s a disco influence in the chorus in the turn arounds and link pieces. There’s a lot going on in the song but it works well. It was a fun tune to wake up with.

You can listen to “Ojai” by Young & Sick here. Wait around until the end of the song for a nice little piano outro.

28 June 2021 – Ojai by Young & Sick

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