24 June 2021 – Low Rider by War

I’ve always had a soft spot for “Low Rider” by War, but it’s been boosted this week because I watched the official video on Youtube. I think “Low Rider” is probably one of those songs that people like, but don’t really give the credit it deserves. It’s an underrated banger and the singer wears a good cowboy hat in the video. I’m envious of anyone who suits wearing a cowboy hat.

There’s a huge amount going on in terms of percussion. I’ve watched some covers and one guy with a goatee sweat band combo had to use three separate tracks to cover it – a drum kit track, a timbale track and a track exclusively of cowbell. It’s a cool reminder of how much went into 70s funk classics like this. There’s also the bass riff which is pretty iconic. My favourite part is the outro. I love the sound of the singer’s voice for the “Take a little trip” part and then it fades out with the saxophone.

You can listen to “Low Rider” by War here.

24 June 2021 – Low Rider by War

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