23 June 2021 – Move Your Feet by Junior Senior

Generally when I do a song of the day I’ll do a bit of reading about the song and the artist before I post anything so I can stand behind whatever I write. Usually if I like a song I’ll get curious about it eventually so generally I won’t learn anything too shocking or anything to put me off a song. However, because Spotify doesn’t have internal filters to keep out problematic rappers, indie racists or sexual deviants, sometimes things get suggested to me and I’ll take them as they are. So my original song for tonight failed my background check and that really bummed me out.

So I tried to think of a song that I love that is 100% happy with no controversy. “Move Your Feet” is a world class tune, possibly one of the greatest of all time, so it works perfectly and cheered me up. It’s just about dancing. There’s a great Nile Rogers style guitar riff. The combination of voices is perfect. The chorus has a real Miami Sound Machine vibe. It’s one of my go to road trip songs with Shóna. We both always sing along and know all the lyrics, which are entirely nonsense and repeated a lot so knowing the lyrics probably isn’t anything brag about…

One of my favourite things about Junior Senior is that they are probably a one hit wonder if you had any kind of metric for measuring the success of their biggest hit against the rest of their songs, but they actually have two other great songs that were very much on my radar. “Rhythm Bandits” was in FIFA 2004 and “Shake Your Coconuts” was in Worms 3D. I think that they have a very solid legacy for anyone approximately my age who liked cartoon music videos, video games or songs about having a wiggle.

You can listen to “Move Your Feet” by Junior Senior here.

23 June 2021 – Move Your Feet by Junior Senior

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