11. I’ve been listening to…

Hey! New section. Sometimes I’ve got things to show off but not a lot to say about them. So this is the plan. I’mma start a “What I’m listening to” bit. Not much to say. A bit of thematic bollocks maybe. Who knows. So this is the inaugural post, bands with Cs. It’s all quite indie which is weird considering I’m working quite hard on a hip-hop project at the mo. Here goes

From The Colourist we have :

And then I’ve been listening to:

Honestly, those links are pretty random. I tried to keep them all to soundcloud but then I gave up. So here is the Spotify playlist: happy indie tunes by bands with Cs, for everything except “Wishing Wells” which doesn’t seem to be available.

So that’s it. Have a listen. The tracks are light and cheerful and have been helping me pretend the world is alright on public transport this week.

11. I’ve been listening to…

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