10. New Music: Justin Bieber- “Confident”

Justin Bieber. I understand. He’s a dick. He’s a monumental dick. Buuuuuuuuuuuuut, he’s actually put out some decent songs over his lifetime spanning career. “All Around the World” is a belter (well if we forget Ludacris) and if he didn’t say the word fondue I think I’d definitely enjoy “Boyfriend“. “Confident” is better than either. It’s better than lots of things actually. I’m a massive Chance the Rapper fan and in this one Bieber is actually pretty spot on. He reminds me of the Weeknd if the Weeknd was a nice boy. Just listen. Forget who it is. Don’t watch the official video. Pretend he’s speaking a different language. He’s got a great voice now that it’s not as high pitched and the track is classy and sexy. Chance is solid and has a little sing which I always enjoy. If it was Timberlake or somebody like that everyone would love it.

Obviously no matter what he does, Bieber is still Bieber. His lyrics are muck and mostly he just has one verse over and over or repeats one word. A lot of his output is still a load of balls. And then on top of it he’s acting the maggot at the minute. But if ya release enough music you’re bound to do something right eventually and this is one of those times.

10. New Music: Justin Bieber- “Confident”

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