18 September 2021 – Need Your Love by Tennis

Tennis cropped up on my Release Radar this morning. They had a song on the Rick and Morty soundtrack. I remember watching it and being intrigued by the song but then I forgot about it. Then when “Borrowed Time” showed up in the playlist today it all made sense. I really like that song and it sent me down a Tennis rabbit hole.

“Need Your Love” is a cool song. It’s got a flipped, anti love song kinda vibe.

I need your love and I need your touch
Like I need a bolt of lightning from the sky above

The chorus leads in with a traditional love sick line, but follows it with a turn around that counters that. There’s a choppiness to the timing of the song. It moves along and then slows down and gets back going before slowing all the way down. The drumming has a relaxed feel to it that I like. It suits the vocals. They’re sweet and effortless. The whole song has a very laid back 70s vibe and reminds me of what I would call “disco ballads”, things like “How Deep Is Your Love” by the Bee Gees.

You can listen to “Need Your Love” by Tennis here.

18 September 2021 – Need Your Love by Tennis