10 September 2021 – Nighttiming by Coconut Records

I can’t say I expected Jason Schwartzman to reappear in my song of the day list but here we are. “Nighttiming” appeared on some Spotify playlist and I liked it and added it to my liked songs so I’ve been listening to it on my way to and from work this week. I didn’t realise it was our pal J_Schwartz (that’s the K-Fedification of Jason Schwartzman in case it wasn’t obvious) until I did my little bit of research before this post. I’ve very fond of him in general and, relistening with the knowledge that it’s him, it all kinda adds up.

I was already gonna write about this song anyway. Sometimes the reasons that I like a song are kinda vague and a bit handwavy when it comes down to the explanation. “Nighttiming” has three distinct things that I really like. I like the verb “nighttiming”. It’s imprecise but implies a lot. Contextually, it’s clear that it’s seen as a negative, but it could cover the full spectrum of night time activities that would give a partner anxiety- partying too much, infidelity and just generally not being around at night. Getting into bed and the time before sleep is quite an intimate time as a couple. Having to go to bed while a partner is out leaves plenty of time for lying in the dark and thinking about what they’re up to. “Nighttiming” is a wonderful word and conveys those feelings really well.

The other two are quite trivial. The intro reminds me of “Apocolypshit” by Molotov, which appeared in Breaking Bad and was in the ads for the show on Channel 6 way back in the day when it first appeared. I didn’t watch Breaking Bad when it came out first so my mind goes more to the ad than its appearance in the show. I like that the intro brings up such a distinct memory.

Finally, when J-Schwartz opens with “Hey” it reminds me of this Vine where the little girl says “Hey, I want to be famous”. I love that Vine.

You can listen to “Nighttiming” by Coconut Records here.

10 September 2021 – Nighttiming by Coconut Records