17 August 2021 – Circles by Post Malone

I’ve always been very suspicious of Post Malone. He seems like a nice boy but very odd. As a musical entity he makes very little sense to me. He seems so randomly generated that he could only have been created using big data to hit the exact demographics to be massive.

“Circles” is a sad song with a bit of a dance in it. The bass line keeps it bouncing along. It feels like the culmination of a decade of Fleetwood Mac influences creeping into pop music. Even the lyrics are Fleetwood Mac-esque in the finger pointing in the demise of a relationship.

“Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed  the flame ’cause we can’t let go
Run away, but we’re running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I’m  waiting on you again, so I don’t take the blame
Run away, but we’re running in circles
Run away, run away, run away”

I think part of what I like about Post Malone is that he’s relatable but not necessarily in the way other people might feel. I think some people think of his lyrics as relatable, which I’m sure they are for some people. In my case, he’s relatable because if I had the money, he’s probably what I’d look like. He does exactly what I’d do in a world of no consequences. Including transition from a rapper to writing and singing future karaoke anthems like “Circles”.

You can listen to “Circles” by Post Malone here.

17 August 2021 – Circles by Post Malone