06 September 2021 – Hounds of Love by The Futureheads

Something in my hipster being makes me feel like picking a cover of a classic is kind of gross but I think The Futureheads cover of “Hounds of Love” deserves a spot on my infinite list of songs of the day. Kate Bush is a genre unto herself so it’s difficult to cover one of her songs without it being a poor imitation. The Futureheads take the song and make it very 2004/2005.

There’s lots I like about the Kate Bush version and it could easily reappear at a later date as a blog post, but I like the changes in the version of The Futureheads. I like that they sing in their own accents. The song is about being afraid of falling in love and I think they manage to create a totally different version of the same feeling as Kate Bush does. Kate Bush’s version feels more internal, whereas The Futureheads version feels more physical. It’s more energetic and hectic because of the layered vocals and that post punk guitar sound, so it feels like there’s an actual chase involved. At the same time it manages to encapsulate what’s so powerful about the original. There’s this cocktail of fear and excitement. I think that’s what makes this one of the best covers. It does its own thing but keeps the soul of the original.

You can listen to “Hounds of Love” by The Futureheads here.

06 September 2021 – Hounds of Love by The Futureheads

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