05 July 2021 – Take It or Leave It by Great Good Fine Ok

“Take It or Leave It” is the second song in the last while where the singer is concerned about the idea that someone might “Do me like that”. I think what I like most about this track is there’s a real blue eyed soul sound to the vocals. Maybe a little less of an ego than most blue eyed soul singers, it’s definitely less ostentatious, while staying soulful. The harmonies are quite soft which works well with the 80s style synths. There’s a surprising urgency to the song if you listen to it with decent speakers that comes from a really busy bassline and some very punchy beats. “Take It or Leave It” feels like moving quickly through pastel coloured clouds in a state of pure contentment. It’s probably this.

You can listen to “Take It or Leave It” by Great Good Fine Ok here.

05 July 2021 – Take It or Leave It by Great Good Fine Ok

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