14 June 2021 – House Of Holy by Client Liaison

You can listen to “House Of Holy” by Client Liaison here.

I’ve tried to avoid repeating artists and picking new music as my song of the day for as long as I could. I wanted to avoid repetition for as long as I could to keep things varied but it was inevitable that we’d return to Client Liaison sooner rather that later. “House Of Holy” is an incredible song. Sufficiently incredible for me to pick a new song as my song of the day. I wanted this list to be my all time favourites, but it’s been a long time since I’ve loved a song as much as I love this one, so “House Of Holy” makes the cut.

Client Liaison are one of my favourite bands. I love the 100% commitment to being what they are. I’ve seen them live twice, once in Dublin and once in London. It’s pure entertainment. The music is as important as the visual and the clothes and the overall vibe. It all comes together perfectly.

I love “House Of Holy” first and foremost because it a great song dance, as you’d expect from a Client Liaison song produced by Richard Littlemore (of Pnau and Empire of the Sun). I think it’s what I wanted that last Daft Punk album to be when I heard “Get Lucky”. There’s an obvious Nile Rogers influence in the guitars and the keys. The bass is funky. Monte Morgan is an incredible front man and a singer and “House Of Holy” really utilizes his voice in the layered vocals. I love the art for the single as well. It’s like retro futuristic meets The Book of Kells. The whole vibe is happy and hopeful and that’s exactly what I need going into this summer.

14 June 2021 – House Of Holy by Client Liaison

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